HAMMAR Finds New Home In New Zealand

2008-09-28 | 10:15 | admin

World leading sideloader manufacturer HAMMAR has outgrown its old Takanini premises and in June 2008 shifted to a new manufacturing centre.

The new factory and headquarters, located at 3 Glasgow Avenue, Manukau, boasts increased manufacturing space where it can produce more of its popular sideloaders to enable the company to keep up with rising demand. The new premises are also closer to key customers and truck companies in the Auckland area.

“The move is a reflection of our growing business in the New Zealand transport sector,” says Fred Sandberg, Managing Director of HAMMAR New Zealand.

“There was insufficient room for expansion in our building in Papakura and it was constraining our activities. We also felt a need to be closer to our Auckland customers. We found this building in Manukau that answered both needs and the move took place very quickly.”

The new building has allowed HAMMAR to develop a more organized production line facility, where several sideloaders can be assembled at one time and worked on under the same roof.

HAMMAR is the world leader in the design and production of sideloaders and has been present in the New Zealand market since 1992.

The company specializes in high quality products, featuring Swedish componentry and steel, to deliver a stronger and more reliable sideloader.

Models cater for 10-to-45ft containers and among its latest offerings is an optimal weight distributed 3-axle 45ft sideloader with a tare of just 10,540kg (including power pack).